The relationship is restored. After many hours of walking, I suddenly disappear. Not being aware of myself, I enter into another mental state. I lose my prerequisites. This is possible because my soul is not determined. It is not the case, that one has no feelings when the self peels off, but when it happens, emotions are more raw and primal.

Normally, self-portraits don’t allow to show such a process. Their inherent purpose is to inflate. But the camera used here has no hurry. It is like a tree or a stone. Sometimes, I stayed in holes or lied somewhere for a long time. It felt right to do so. There was somebody who wanted me to stay. That hasn’t to be articulated with words.

When I disappear, I am there. The perception could delude but that is getting us nowhere. It is possible to interact with the forces, which have an effect on me. I can resist or release them.
But in this relationship, mind coagulates matter.